Himalayan vs Bullet UCE

Himalyan Pros

1. Can cruise at 80–90. Bike is smooth, stable and the engine has achieved the cruising speed. No vibration as such. Can keep all day long in this speed
2. Braking. Good braking with sufficient bite
3. Straight line stability. Bike is long. Has the tendancy to go straight.
4. Long gearing. will pull easily
5. Can push into curves and comes out easily.
6. One sit inside the bike. Handle bar is at chest level, which aids in wind protection
7. Wind visor, aids in deflecting winds till 90. Feels like inside a bubble
8. Air tight fuel tank with fuel injection. No starting issues
9. Foot pegs are slightly rear set, which helps while leaning in

Himalayan Cons

1. Sudden turns is difficult as the bike is long
2. Engine heat as low speeds and traffic conditions. The oil cooling is not sufficient
3. Not good build quality.
4. Seating is bad. Though they initially claimed of being able to do 1000 kms a day, I can’t see how. Seat is narrow and not propoerly contoured
5. For vertically challenged people, handling is difficult. Bike is tall. Centre of gravity is higher.
6. Centre stand difficult to actuate
7. Handle position forces one to extend the arms to reach the handlebar. Not comfortable for short riders.
8. No weight on hands. Purely upright seating, which transfers the impacts straight to spine.
9. Though seat is narrow, the placement of footpegs and handlebar, makes one feel not being able to put the load on legs, while negotiating turns or heavy traffic, which tires one out.
10. Difficult to stand on rear-set footpeg, ironically for an ADV like Himalayan

Bullet Pros

  1. Supreme seating. Wide at the posterior portion, yet tapered towards the front side. Though the bike is wider than the Himalayan, one wont feel its width. Can easily reach the foot on ground.
  2. With a proper treaded tyre, easy to maneuver and turn, compared to Himalayan
  3. Low centre of gravity. Though heavier than Himalayan, its relatively easier to manage once off and on the bike.
  4. Foot pegs are front set, which ironically allows one to easily stand on them, compared to Himalyan
  5. low rpm friendly. best to chug along at 60
  6. Best for calm, relaxed riding
  7. Weight is an asset in highways. Bike tends to go straight(but not upto Himalayan level)
  8. Seating position good. Feels like sitting on the bike. Handlebar at tummy level.
  9. Low engine heat at low rpms

Bullet cons

1. Vibration. Cant do 80 kms for long time. will get royally tired
2. Extremely narrow rev range. Torque is concentrated at the low rev. No point in revving the engine.
3. Difficulty in short overtaking. Bike wont sufficiently rev enough to provide the power required for a quick overtake
4. Pathetic braking. No sufficient bite to bring the 200kg machine to a halt, when needed
5. Panic while braking, coz of the feeling of sitting on the bike, rather than in the bike



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