How to Get Out of Depression(Again)?

One will never get out of depression, if he persists on being in the same mental condition after the depressive event. Irrespective of the catastrophe that caused depression, one has to admit the fact that some change is needed. Indefinite brooding into past or how one could have dealt with a situation differently will only aggravate the mental agony. One may not be in a dramatic mood to change the lifestyle all of a sudden. And different people has different courage levels to face the insurmountable challenges. Giving advice to a depression battling person is the most irritating thing, one can ever do. Simply because the frame of reference of a depressed person and a happy person is so vastly different. A simple thing so easy for a happy person may be terror to another. Especially if the depressed person is an introvert, the mere thought of attending a party or a function will genuinely terrify him. When one is reduced to bare bone existence, then his fundamental courage, convictions, limitations, motivations, etc is truly revealed. And the time frame one need to improve the confidence level is staggering. It may take years to reach to the pre-depression era confidence level. Nonetheless there are certain things almost everyone, irrespective of gender can do to battle severe depression.

1. Move. Don’t stay still. Physical motion will subtly signal brain that things are normal. If you can go for a walk, go for it everyday. If you can’t, walk inside your room or house for 30 mins. It will make you sweat and release happiness hormones. If possible, do it everyday. Assign a time-frame like 6–6.30 evening for this ritual.

2. Slowly and bravely take baby steps to the things that irritates you. If you are terrified of attending a function, just go to the premises of the function hall. Don’t enter. But around it. It may prove to be a challenge. But for the sake of doing it, just do it. After spending some 10 minutes, you can go back. It is an accomplishment. Do this 5 times. For the 6th function you would have mustered the sufficient courage to attend the function.

3. Have a routine. Set alarm and get up. Read newspaper. Do daily chores like arranging a bed, cleaning room, washing clothes, etc everyday religiously. Make a routine, which ends up in an evening walk.

4. Have food. Without energy you will never fight depression

5. Make small goals and achieve it. It can be anything related to your area of expertise, job, etc. It could be 2–3 week task. You will have a sense of achievement after the successful completion of it. It will dramatically improve your self-worth. Just celebrate even a small achievement. Buy yourself a gift. Something lasting. Associate it with your success. Whenever you use it, you will be reminded of that achievement.

6. If possible get out every weekend. Go to places you always wanna go. Just simply roam around and experience the fresh air. Go to a seaside and wonder at the scale of sea. A water body with some 5km depth average. Your problems may seem too small in front of the grandiose scale and design of this universe.

Most importantly don’t do anything big. Make baby step on multiple aspects. One will feel the improvement.


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