The Power of Reading

Reading, once rightly inculcated as a habit in the childhood itself, will make a person see the world through words. As a kid, I used to read all the children stories from whatever magazines and children's books I could. In the absence of any other visual/audio media its through words that we perceive the words. Many times I felt that, a popular novel whose film adaptation fare poor in the minds of people who have read the novel. A book like Angels and Demons by Dan Brown is to be read in one go. The intensity of the perception of the characters and the storyline tends to be very strong while reading a plot. It maybe because reading inadvertently slows the story development process, thus back and fro deliberations about the storyline tends to clamp the plot deep into the minds. On the other hand a visual story telling of a complex plot leaves out on many subtleties and nuances that enriches the plot.
As a result, reading instils patience and perseverance. Reading builds exceptional verbal IQ. It allows one to draw a picture about any situations using words. It facilitates one to access the indescribable parts of our mental landscape. It helps developing exceptional visualisation and imagination capabilities. One of my recent reads “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight is an autobiography of Phil Knight. It is essentially the story about the famous Nike brand of sports shoes. The readers are taken through all the sweat and blood he shed while building Nike. Readers truly experience the hardships he endured and the tribulations he faced. Such a story captivates the audience. A lot of details will be lost, should there be a celluloid adaptation of it.

On the other hand a person allergic to books and reading in general tend to have short attention span. Their visualisation and imagination parts tend to be underdeveloped. They cannot verbally comprehend the nuances of a situation. Life according to them is black/white. Most of them tend to be very superficial. The depth, rigour and intensity generally evades them. Life is reduced to a set of catechisms. They need instant solutions and are extremely pragmatic. Being pragmatic is good to some extend, but there are situations in life, where patience is the ultimate virtue. Due to short attention span, they cannot afford to think originally. Thinking in first principles is not simply their cup of tea. It is nauseating to listen to people who can’t comprehend subtleties. Most importantly a non-reader never will get to know what they are missing out.

A careful balance is needed between getting lost in the world of words and rigour vs extreme pragmatism.


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